She Recovers

I mentioned in a post a few months ago that I had attended a She Recovers retreat over the summer.

The connections I made there – within myself and with other women – have become an integral part of my recovery. I hope you will follow my story and the story of other women in recovery on the She Recovers site, as I am now a contributing writer and managing editor of their blog.

(Lemme just take a minute here and say: Life is amazing. Bat shit crazy and amazing.)

I have been keeping this blog – on and off – for four years. FOUR FUCKING YEARS.

Enough is enough.

If you are struggling to stop drinking and are so tired of your own bullshit that you can’t even stand it for one more night, then I hope you will do something you haven’t done before. Go to a meeting and ask for help. Call a friend and ask for help. Go to a retreat and ask for help.

Ask for help.

It was the NOT ASKING that kept me on my couch, with a cocktail in my hand, for FOUR YEARS longer than I had to be.

In the end, yes, you have to do the work by yourself. No one can stop drinking for you. No one can battle the voices in your head for you. It is you and you alone.

But around you … around you can be Others. Just. Like. You.

Surround yourself with good voices to combat the shitty voices. Surround yourself with strong women who are covered in beautiful scars and know the pitfalls of the landscape you’re facing. Surround yourself with kind faces who see you – so you can see yourself.

Peace to you my friend,



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