Day Three of the Cubicle, Day 130 of Sobriety

Day Three of the new job. It’s going well. The work of the organization is amazing and my assigned tasks are incredibly exciting.

But, but oh my God. The Cubicle. Three gray walls. My back to the entrance. Overhead lighting.

It’s feels like a cell. I find myself taking deep breaths and talking aloud to no one in particular. (Not the best way to make a good impression on new coworkers.)



9 thoughts on “Day Three of the Cubicle, Day 130 of Sobriety

  1. Congrats on your 130 days of sobriety!

    As for the cubicle…can’t offer much there. I don’t think I have ever worked in a cubicle, or if I did, it was very short term. I see that picture and have images of Dilbert going through my head…lol.


  2. OMG that is hilarious!!! What a cliched work station.. and yes I could imagine quite soul destroying. I would definitely go for some images on the wall of favorite places – outdoor spaces.. like a beach scape or landscape or some part of the world that you have loved visiting or where you’re from or want to go to (New Zealand!).. also a nice scented candle because even if you don’t light them they smell and you can lift it to your nose to get the great aroma. Nice hand cream or two in the top drawer plus a nail file so you can file while you’re on the phone.. if it were me I’d get quite a few boxes of nice herbal teas to stash somewhere plus a nice tea cup that is just for you.. love the handbag by the way… when you’ve pimped it up can you show us an update? Congrats on 130 days! xxx

  3. yes, that is a great bag. we recently moved into a new building and i had to trade in my huge private office, with bathroom and sick for a cubicle – in-front of a window tg but a major adjustment – i’m 4 months into it now and am adjusting – something to be said for having to pare down – scented candle however won’t fly in communal setting due to no scent policies … child having a breakdown have to close. congrats on 130!

  4. You need something living besides yourself! Are you allowed a plant – even better a flowering plant? What about some personal effects like framed photos of loved ones? Kudos on the 130 days too 🙂 xx

  5. I was thinking the same thing….. How about a blow nip picture of some nature landscape. Are u allowed little candles? I burn candles. My office is so small it’s like a cubicle….I have lots of pics and candles. Glad it’s going well!

  6. Just read your entire blog and feel certain we must be spiritual twins. I do believe I must have several twins in the sober blog world. My office is not much bigger than your cubicle. I’ve never worked in one of those. But my small cramped office is close in proximity to other small cramped offices. My favorite pictures and desktop waterfall thingy make me feel better about life.

    I appreciate your blog. Helped me feel somewhat normal tonight. Thanks.

  7. Hello,
    Oh I have so many issues with cubicles, feeling trapped, the ugliness of it all. I totally understand. I would definitely put up some pictures– something you can stare into like a beach scene to imagine yourself there. Bring in some color! I also have had desks where everyone can see my screen when they walk by and there is zero privacy (not that I had anything to hide) but it can be unsettling for private people. Perhaps you are one? Good luck, focus on the bigger picture if possible.

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