A (Kind of Mind Blowing) 90 Day Chip

Day 90.

My therapist tells me that if I was going to AA meetings, I would receive a metal chip. The earlier chips, he explained, are plastic. But on Day 90 you get a proper chip. And a cake.

But I don’t go to AA meetings. I go to sober blogs.

So it was sort of amazing and kind of incredible that when I logged on today, I was met with what has to be the blogging equivalent of a proper chip and a cake:

A SUNSHINE BLOGGING AWARD! From the incredibly-photogenic-but-ordinary-in-person Unpickled! (I totally don’t believe that “ordinary” part, by the way.)

I look forward to posting the award and nominating ten more bloggers. But right now, real quick, I just wanted to say Thank You Sober Bloggers. You guys rock my world in ways Sally/alcohol never did.

Happy Day 90 and let’s all eat CAKE!


10 thoughts on “A (Kind of Mind Blowing) 90 Day Chip

  1. Let us all eat cake!!!!!!!! Yay for your 90 days!!!! I’ve never received a chip either.. but lots of virtual ones. Here’s a virtual chop from me for you in the form of x’s for love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy 90 days. I love reading sober blogs they have taken me to day 135. Each time I read a new blog it makes me realize that we are all unique yet the stories are similar. We are all tired of thinking and stressing about drinking. Although there are cravings, life is better without. Thanks for your blog and congrats on your award,

  3. No chip for me either. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Belle and Rebecca, I wouldn’t have even realised that it was 90 days. Have been a bit slack in the counting, celebrating and blogging. But have just said that I’d sign up for Team 180, so hoping to turn over a new leaf. We’re on the home stretch for the 100 day challenge now.Yay, to us!

  4. I just got my 30 day chip and am looking forward to when I actually get to 90 days. It seems a long way off right now, but I know I can do it! Thanks for your blog! I am enjoying it!

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