Day 46: Snow Day

Long delay due to busy life. But I am still here. Still sober. This is the longest time I have gone without alcohol since 1993. Wow. That’s crazy talk.

I just posted my first comment on a sober blog over at One Day At A Time. It was wonderful to make an actual/virtual connection with another sober blogger. She is my “Day 1 Sister.”

I’ve discovered that the authors of the sober blogging community really are my people. Reading updated sober posts has been my trigger to NOT drink. I check in with you while I am in line at the commissary, cooking dinner, on my way home from work, waiting at the airport. I pretty much check in with the blogs whenever I have free time, which is, of course, when the call to drink gets louder.

This morning, my actual neighborhood awoke to a Winter Wonderland. Ten inches of snow. This, in an area where 1-2 inches is a show-stopper. So, I am looking at multiple snow days, with lots of drinking triggers. As I said to One Day At A Time, it is the informal social gatherings that are difficult for me. The ones where all the neighbors pile in, bringing warm cheese dishes and salty crackers and, of course, red wine.

That enchanting scene is definitely in my near future.

So thank you, sober bloggers. Thanks for being there in a few hours when I will be needing to check in. … If only you came with snow shovels, too. 😉


2 thoughts on “Day 46: Snow Day

  1. Oh, I know how you are feeling. We romanticize those occasions so much for ourselves don’t we? A roaring fire, all huddled up in front of it with a lovely glass of wine. STOP IT! I can just picture it now. Aaargh! You’ll have to think of different ways of enjoying it. Are you a photographer? Could you practice your camera skills and capture the scene that way? Or, toast marshmallows and have hot chocolate (that’s just as cosy), experiment with different flavours for your chocolate. Are you kids young? Mine still enjoy crafts, so snowy days could be a good excuse to do different crafts with them. You know what? I’m getting myself excited about it! Time to look up hot chocolate recipes I think.

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